Transfer Board/Transfer Stretcher

Hydraulic stretcher

Easy-rocker transfer stretcher
  • Size : 1950 X 640 X 500/900mm
  • The main frame is shaped once in a time by high quality aluminium, height adjustable.
  • 200mm dia. Castors with central brake system, stable and reliable. The bed surface is combined by two parts : the upper part is controlled by gas spring, easy to operate.
  • Height adjustable, trend and anti-trend can be based on doctors need.
  • Equiped with bottom PP cover, easy to clean.


Easy-rocker transfer stretcher
  • The main frame is automatically pressed and casted by the best alloy aluinum(A380.2).Nice and strong in appearance.
  • The surface and protecting rails are sprayed by imported PE marterials, strong and beautiful.
  • Single operation design for the bed surface, the upperpart is used Italian damper as the holding energy source. Easy to operate.
  • Hand rocker instrument(there is cluch installed) can adjust the bed surface height between 500-900 mm.
  • International central control braking system to increase the steady.
  • Direction leading wheels easily come to an ideal situation by only one person.
  • The complete design and producing of the bed can much more satisfy to your requirement. It’s a good choose to hospital by its humanity design .
  • Specifications and measurements:
    1950mm x 650mm x 500/900mm


Hydraulic Transfer Stretcher
  • Size : 65 x 190 x 65-90 cm.
  • It is adopted two hydraulic pumps
  • Two kind of pump can be chose : Chinese pumps, Imports pumps
  • Hi-Low : 870 mm - 50 mm
  • The central - rock system and the direction castor can help the users easy to control and stop
  • Accessories : Mattress I.V.pole
  • Packing : 1 pc 0.98 CBM
  • Weight : 82 Kg


  • It is a type of electric or hydraulic manual transfer stretcher. Functions actived by electric power and gas spring and cranks system together, storage battery available;
  • at the head-end, there is a pair of push-handles, can be folded up and down;
  • Central-lock castors, diameter 150-200 mm. Matched with direction castor, help the operator controlling the direction easily;
  • Hi-Low range : 900mm-600mm
  • Bakelite table top can be x-ray and cassette tray under the table.
  • Packing : 1.12CBM/PC;
  • Weight : 90KGS/LOAD 190-200 KGS.
  • Type of Stretcher
               A : Manual Hydraulic Transfer
               B : Elictric Hydraulic Transfer


Size : 80 x 212x 60 cm.



Transfer Board
Size : 60x175 cm.
Construction made from PE/Plaswood