Examination Light

Wall-mounted lights
D-200 W and D-300 W

The wall-mounted models own their high degree of mobililty to light-weight contruction, a large working redius, and a generous height adjustment range of the light head.



The gimbal suspension allows the light head to be turned in all directions.  The lights are designed for mains voltages of  110/220 V.

The transformer is integrated  in the wall mount for spece saving construction. The wall-mounted lights are easy to install, whether on plaster, light weight stone, or concrete walls.



Ceiling-mounted lights
D-200 C and D-300 C

The radial mobility of  the ceiling-mounted models, offering a working radius of 65.4 inches(1,660 mm), ensures maximum freedom of movement.

The transformer  is mounted optionally on the ceiling flange or installed separately in a wall-mounted switch box.

The lights are finished in neutral colors, For specific requirements, a special finish is available at extra charge.